Cinnamon chess engine 1.1c

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Cinnamon (former Butterfly) is a chess program for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android, is a console-based chess engine for use with xboard, Arena, Tarrasch, Chess for Android or any UCI-compatible GUI.

Version 1.1b fixed a bug in the use of Arena with the parameter "adjudicate". Thanks to Gabor Szots for accurate testing. (2013 Jul 22)
Version 1.1c fixed a bug in stalemate.

  • Available for both Unix, Windows, Mac and Android
  • UCI protocol
  • GPL 3 License
  • C++11 source
  • Bitboards
  • Null moves
  • Futility pruning
  • Delta pruning
  • Razoring
  • Parallel Perft test
  • 32/64 bit architectures
  • Iterative deeping
  • Killer heuristics
  • Lazy evaluation
  • Mvv/Lva
  • Transposition Table
  • Aspiration Windows
  • Late Move Reduction
  • Ponder
  • Available with Tarrasch GUI for Windows
  • Source doc
  • Elo ratings
Download stable release 1.1c (2013 Aug 3)

  32-bit 570 download
  64-bit 555 download

Mac OS X
  64-bit 193 download

  32-bit 174 download
  64-bit 202 download

  Tarrasch for windows 268 download

Android (by Aart Bik)
  Engine 3526 download

  C++ Source for  Windows Mac Linux Android 293 download